The Simplest Way To Create A Luminescent Egress Path Marking System In Any Building

A safe and clear egress pathway is mandatory in every building, and the requirement for photoluminescent egress path markings is becoming more popular. Required by international fire, building, and life safety codes, as well as local and federal building codes, luminescent egress path markings can make a life-saving difference in an emergency egress.

Although the importance of a photoluminescent egress path way is paramount, creating a code-compliant and easy to follow luminous egress pathway in your building can be simple!

Create luminous egress path marking system

Review Code Compliance Guidelines

Meeting code compliance ensures your building is equipped with a safe and reliable emergency egress pathway.

Start creating your luminescent egress pathway by reviewing the code compliance regulations that are applicable to your building. The requirements for photoluminescent egress path markings can be found in sections 1024 and 1025 of the international fire and building codes. While reviewing these documents start compiling a list of the products needed, and their required installation location.

This easy to follow code compliance guide shows helpful diagrams as well as links to related products.

Clearly Define The Exit Pathway

Keeping in mind the required photoluminescent egress path markings and their corresponding installation locations, take a tour of your building’s egress pathways.

Note the areas of the egress pathway which require photoluminescent lighting. Additionally, take this time to ensure the exit pathway is clear of any debris or obstacles. For obstacles that cannot be removed, such as standpipes, ensure they are clearly marked using photoluminescent obstruction markings.

Make sure occupants can easily find and follow the exit pathway. Installing photoluminescent exit signs will point occupants in the right direction, in all lighting conditions.

Seek Out The Best Products

There are many available options for luminous egress path markings, including glow in the dark tape and glow in the dark paint. Although these options may seem inexpensive and easy to install, they tend to wear down quickly and can lead to safety issues down the line.

Make sure you chose the best products for you building and only chose photoluminescent egress path markings that are UL 1994 certified.

Rely On Ecoglo

The simplest way to create a code compliant luminous egress pathway in your building is to rely on ecoglo®! All of our representatives are fully versed in local and federal code compliance guides and can perform a free building audit to determine the best code compliant solution for your building.

Ecoglo® offers a full range of photoluminescent egress path markings, ensuring a one-stop-shop solution for any building! From photoluminescent step-edge markings to glow in the dark exit signs, ecoglo® creates a visibly better exit path in your building.

All ecoglo® products have been tested extensively to ensure a steady, fast-charging, and long-lasting light source. Our patented manufacturing process ensures a durable, non-toxic, and non-radioactive product that requires minimal maintenance to maintain its high performance.

Create a long-lasting and code compliant luminous egress pathway in your building and simply rely on ecoglo®!