How to Choose the best stair Nosing for your Application

When it comes to enhancing the stairway safety in your facility, there are so many stair nosings options to choose from, that you may not even know where to begin! There are simple options available to provide a non-slip grip and enhance step-edge visibility, and more advanced options to renovate and upgrade the look and feel of your facility.

Aside from providing anti-slip protection, aluminum stair nosings protect the step-edge from damage caused by wear and tear, further adding to their importance in stairway safety.

With so many options available, how do you know if you are choosing the right stair nosing for your project?

What to consider when choosing a stair Nosing

Consider the Environment

Firstly, you will want to consider the environment the stair nosings will be installed in. Is the application going to be outdoors? If so, will the stair nosings be exposed to extreme climates? An outdoor concrete stair nosing needs to provide a non-slip grip to protect pedestrians against slips and falls, even in the rain or snow. For any outdoor application, remember to ensure the step-edge product you choose withstands UV weathering.

For interior applications, it is important to consider the amount of foot traffic throughout the building, before deciding on a stair nosing. Aluminum stair nosings are durable enough to withstand the wear and tear of heavy foot traffic. Carpet stair nosings not only provide enhanced step-edge visibility and anti-slip protection but protect the step-edges from wearing out.

Consider the Look and Feel of the Building

The many options of stair nosings means there are many different looks, styles and finishes. The right stair nosing should enhance and modernize the look of your building, rather than distracting for the design. For example, the stair nosing for a hotel lobby should look more sleek and modern than the stair nosing in a large stadium.

An easily installed option may be a contrast strip, which combines anti-slip material with a photoluminescent strip to not only enhance step edge visibility but provide an additional level of stairway safety. This simple option, without an aluminum profile may not look as good as a sleek aluminum stair nosing as they would in a stadium.

Consider the Substrate

The installation substrate will play a major role in deciding which stair nosing is right for your application.

Cast in Place Stair Nosing

Cast in place stair nosings are typically used in new projects, needing concrete stair nosings. By installing cast in place stair nosings into wet-set concrete, there is a smooth transition between product and stair, creating a safer step. These concrete stair nosings are designed for use on concrete stairs, concrete-filled steel pan stairs, and pre-cast concrete stairs. A clear protective tape wraps around the product to keep the product clean during installation. There is also the option to install concrete stair nosings with or without the photoluminescent inserts attached.

Carpet Stair Nosing

Many facilities feature carpeted stairways, which left unprotected and subjected to heavy foot traffic can quickly wear down and create potential hazards. By protecting the step-edge with carpet stair nosings, you can lengthen the life span of your investment by protecting the step-edge, which usually wears down the fastest.

Carpet stair nosing are typically applied using a polyurethane adhesive as well as mechanical fasteners to create a long-lasting application.

Tile Stair Nosing

Like all stair nosings, it is important the aluminum stair nosing applied to tile stairs are snug and secure to the step-edge. To ensure the tight, secure application many tile stair nosings are available in different sizes to best fit your stairs.

Aluminum stair nosings offer strength, beauty and peace of mind to any tiled stair.

Ecoglo’s luminescent stair nosings and photoluminescent strips provide excellent visibility in all lighting conditions and are completely fail-safe. Patrons can safely, and confidently, exit your building in an emergency, thanks to Ecoglo. We understand that each and every emergency exit stairwell is unique, and Ecoglo caters to these differences. Ecoglo offers stair nosings for stairs made of concrete, metal, carpet, tile and more! Each style of nosing is available in three color options, multiple size ranges, and even different aluminum finishes. Our stair nosings are LEED certified, provide high visibility in dark or light conditions, are durable enough for indoor and outdoor applications, are hard wearing, and easy to clean. Learn more about our multiple stair nosing options here !