The Immediate Benefits of Installing Luminous Egress Path Markings

Although required by international fire, building, and life safety codes, the installation of luminous egress path markings can benefit your building in many ways! From occupant safety to your own peace of mind, the positive impact of luminous egress path markings can be felt immediately.

Benefits of installing luminous egress path markings | Ecoglo

Increased Wayfinding

In bright or dark lighting conditions, luminous egress path markings can benefit your building! Photoluminescent exit signs, perimeter demarcation strips and even floor identification signs can all provide important way finding cues.

So whether the building is full of regular patrons or visitors who are unfamiliar with the space, everyone can easily find their way around. The wayfinding cues provided by luminous egress path markings become increasingly important as the building’s power fails.

Prevention of Harm

Once the power fails occupants may start to feel anxious, especially if they are in an unfamiliar building. Luminous egress path markings help to keep all occupants safe and feeling more at ease! The bright glow of photoluminescent egress path markings allows occupants to quickly find and easily follow the egress pathway, all the way to exit discharge.

Not only does the installation of luminous egress path markings enhance egress speeds, but they also increase egress safety! Luminous egress path markings provide crucial lighting that gives occupants the confidence to follow the exit pathway before they come into harm’s way.

And while luminous egress path markings minimize egress speeds, they remain turned on for hours after the building loses power, ensuring every single occupant has the time to exit the building while the egress pathway remains well lit.

Peace of Mind

Instantly gain a peace of mind with the installation of luminous egress path markings. Whether you are on the property or not, when emergency strikes know that your occupants are being kept safe thanks to the bright light provided by luminous egress path markings.

Without the need to flip a switch or preform regular inspections, you can have one less thing to worry about, knowing that in an emergency situation, the building’s egress pathways will remain well-lit and easy to follow.

No Delays

With as little as 5 minutes of exposure to a surrounding light source, luminous egress path markings can start providing emergency lighting in darkened conditions. There is virtually no wait time between installation and operation, luminous egress path markings are ready to perform as a reliable emergency lighting systems within minutes! Unlike traditional emergency lighting systems, which require extensive installation procedures and regular inspections to perform.

Enhance your building’s emergency egress systems in just minutes!

Beyond meeting code compliance, luminous egress path markings provide many benefits to any building, some of which can be felt immediately! Ensuring your building is well equipped with an easy to follow and easily visible exit route will assist in quicker egress speeds and give you the peace of mind knowing that when disaster hits, you’re always prepared.

Ecoglo® offers a full range of luminous egress path markings to outfit your building with a complete, code compliant luminous egress pathway. Our expertly engineered products are tested to ensure durability, longevity, visibility and safety. From step-edge markings to photoluminescent exit signs, Ecoglo® has everything you need to create a visibly better egress system!