5 Crucial Tips for Luminous Egress Path Markings

With the requirement for the installation of luminous egress path markings becoming more widespread, it’s likely you have familiarized yourself with the term. But do you know what makes for the best luminous egress path markings?

Be sure to follow these five tips when creating the luminous egress pathways in your building!

5 Essential tips for a safe emergency egress

Consult Code Compliance Regulations

Before considering the luminous egress path markings you will use in your building, consult all relevant building codes, noting where luminous egress path markings are required and what photoluminescent products must be used. Using a condensed luminous egress code compliance guide can be a helpful place to start.

The requirements for luminous egress path markings can be found in the international building and fire codes, which have been adopted in many states. In the International Building Code, luminous egress path marking requirements can be found in sections 1024 and 1025, and outline which buildings require luminous egress path markings, where they must be installed along the exit path and the required luminance characteristics.

Consider Surrounding Light Sources

After outlining where luminous egress path markings are required in your building, note the surrounding light sources. Luminous egress path markings require exposure to either natural or artificial light sources in order to gain a full charge. In fact, code compliance mandates the building’s lights must turned on at least 60 minutes prior to occupation, and then remain on for the entirety of occupation, to ensure the luminous egress path markings are sufficiently charged in case of power loss.

Ensuring the exit pathway in your building is equipped with sufficient lighting is crucial to the performance of luminous egress path markings.

Ensure Duration

In addition to receiving sufficient exposure to light, luminous egress path markings must remain on for a set amount of time, after the building’s power has failed.

Luminous egress path markings must remain illuminated for a minimum of 90 minutes after the building has lost power, to ensure all occupants have the time to exit the building under the guidance of the photoluminescent egress path markings.  

Prevent Wear and Tear

When deciding on the luminous egress path markings for your building, consider the foot traffic along the exit pathway. Do the stairways in your building get used often or hardly ever? If the exit pathways in your building experience high foot-traffic, you will want to consider a more durable luminous egress path marking, such as an aluminum-based product.

This is especially important when it comes to step-edges. To ensure step-edges are visible in all lighting conditions, a photoluminescent strip is installed across the entire length of the step, and if the stairways in your building are exposed to heavy foot traffic, an aluminum-based step-edge nosing will not only protect your stairs from wear and tear but ensure step-edge visibility in all lighting conditions.

Determine Required Directional Signage

Ensuring the egress pathway in your building is easily visible is just as important as ensuring it is easy to follow. Installing clear, easy to read and easy to follow directional signage at key points along the egress pathway will allow occupants to find their way more quickly and easily to the exit discharge.

Photoluminescent exit signs, which are rated for visibility between 50 to 75 feet, help to point occupants in the direction of, and marking the location of the final exit discharge. Additionally, floor identification signs (FID) provide crucial egress information to both occupants and emergency first responders.

Creating a luminous egress pathway in your building is a vital aspect of occupant safety, and these crucial tips allow for a safe and reliable emergency egress.

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