3 Luminous Egress Path Markings That Make For A Safer Building

As a fail-safe source of emergency exit lighting, luminous egress path markings are intended to guide patrons safely to the exit discharge, in all situations and lighting conditions. Without the need for back-up power or batteries, luminous egress path markings create a reliable exit pathway.

Luminous egress path markings, however, do not always have to be placed in the dark for them to shine! The installation of luminous egress path markings can help create a safer building, both with the lights on and the lights off.

3 Egress Path Markings for Safer Building

Photoluminescent Exit Signs

After a concert or sporting event remembering where you parked can be difficult, let alone finding your way out of the large and crowded venue.

Just like traditional exit signs, photoluminescent exit signs are placed at several key points along the exit pathway, to communicate the direction and location of the final exit discharge. In both light and dark conditions, photoluminescent exit signs are easily visible from a distance, allowing patrons to quickly spot and follow the signs.

From streamlining foot-traffic to guiding patrons to safety in an emergency, photoluminescent exit signs work to create a safer and more efficient egress, no matter the lighting conditions!

Non-Slip Photoluminescent Stair Nosings

As a crucial aspect of egress safety, your building’s exit stairways should be well equipped to handle an emergency egress, especially the stairs!

Installing non-slip photoluminescent stair nosings provides step-edge visibility in all lighting conditions. Installed along the entire width of the step-edge, non-slip stair nosings clearly define the step-edge, ensuring patrons can ascend and descend the staircase without missing a step. Once placed in the dark, this photoluminescent egress path marking provides a bright glow, highlighting the step-edge.

Walked over without much thought, stairs can be dangerous! The installation of non-slip photoluminescent stair nosings makes stairs safer in all lighting conditions.

Obstruction Markings

The exit pathways in every building should remain clear! But in some cases, it’s not possible. Standpipes and wall projections are present along many exit pathways.

The IBC/IFC states that any obstacle at or below 6 feet 6 inches and project more than 4 inches into the exit path must be marked with a luminous egress path marking. This specially designed photoluminescent strip is comprised of a pattern of equal strips of black and photoluminescent material, clearly marking the obstacle. Not only does this luminous egress path marking call attention to obstacles that may get lost in the dark, but also alerts occupants of the potential hazard with the lights on.

For any obstacles along the egress pathway, ensure to use this luminous egress path marking to alert occupants in all lighting conditions!

Not only do luminous egress path markings provide a fail-safe source of emergency lighting, but they improve the everyday safety of any building!

Ecoglo’s carefully designed and expertly manufactured luminous egress path markings and photoluminescent exit signs provide excellent visibility in all lighting conditions. Our full range of luminous egress path markings ensures you can get everything you need to create a fully code-compliant exit pathway, in any building! Make the switch to visibly better egress lighting today and choose ecoglo®!