About Ecoglo Photoluminescent Emergency Lightings

Ecoglo®  is a leading global innovator of UL certified photoluminescent egress markings, exit signs and emergency signage that exceed worldwide code requirements. Ecoglo has a reputation for innovative, durable products designed to work in the real world. Ecoglo products are manufactured using a patented process that is only used by Ecoglo. Our technology produces fast-charging and long-lasting photoluminescent performance that is UV stable and highly durable.

With a manufacturing facility in Buffalo, NY and also in Christchurch, New Zealand, Ecoglo has been supplying products for major international venues for over 15 years. Our consultative approach working with municipalities, facility owners, architects, engineers and general contractors has allowed us not only to develop a best in class product offering but also international code expertise that support these groups from the design stage through to occupancy. It’s this type of partnership approach that continues to reinforce customer confidence and exposes needs that drive new product development.